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Retinal diseases present pathological changes to the structure and physiology of the retinal vessels and nerve layers. Assessment of the retina by an optometrist/ophthalmologist is accomplished by visual, qualitative inspection for abnormal signs of the disease. Such a process is by its nature subjective and prone to bias, which justifies the need for quantitative longitudinal computer-aided tools to assess the retina.

A computer-aided screening software can provide timely assessment and management of various disorders noninvasively. Such a process is without any risks to the patients and can prevent blindness and improve the quality of life by providing:

(i) quantitative analysis of the retina to remove associated bias and error of performing qualitative tasks;
(ii) remote checkup, screening, longitudinal analysis, as well as diagnosis; and
(iii) savings in time and resources of health-care practitioners, providers, as well as patients.

Aurteen Inc. provides a software that performs computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) and analysis of a preterm eye disease(RoP) and a severe form of diabetic retinopathy (DR). The software can be deployed as a remotely-operated system with quantitative tools and will contain modules for assessment and management of disorders beyond the retina. Aurteen has obtained a letter of support and adoption from Secure Diagnostic Imaging, a teleophthalmology company in Alberta, for development of a fully automated DR screening software. Aurteen has also obtained agreements for a clinical study at three neonatal ICUs in Calgary as well as collaboration with the RoP initiative based in Toronto, Ontario. Our general targeted market will include health-care professionals such as retinal specialists, ophthalmologists, optometrists, neurologists,and cardiologists.Market assessment conclusion were positive and encouraging.